Travel to/in Germany



Getting here by airplane:


The Frankfurt am Main Flughafen (FRA) is the closest airport to Worms (where the party will be) and Mannheim (where we live).




An Intercity Express (ICE) train travels directly from FRA to Mannheim. It costs 25 EUR per person and takes 45 minutes. (See the links lower fown for group fares.) From there, one normally takes an S-Bahn to Heidelberg, Worms or other smaller towns. Check for the schedule and tickets.

Full fares are flexible and can be used any time that day if you miss the one you planned on. You can buy the ticket at the airport near to the trains. (Be aware that the ICE trains (long distance) and regional trains leave from different stations at the airport.)




Check The "Fernbus"  travels every hour from FRA to Mannheim. The cost is 5-10 EUR per person, depending on the time of day, and takes 1 hour


Driving :


If you are renting a car, it is approximately 1hr from FRA to Mannheim or other places nearby. Canadian licenses are valid in Germany for the first 6 months. You do not need an international licence. 

Note: no right hand turns on a red light. Maybe check out some of the other rules.


Going elsewhere after you arrive?




Many of the discount airlines fly to vacation destinations from smaller airports nearby like Baden-Baden(FKB) and Frankfurt-Hahn



Travel by public transit in Germany:


Trams/Bus (local): Check (German only) which covers the largest region. The mobile app is in available in English. Depending on the immediate area, such as Mannheim and Heidelberg, you can also use (available in English). Group and day tickets are available. 


Trains: Check for details on connections. There are typically Deutsche Bahn trains that also go outside of Germany, such as Paris, Amsterdam, and Zurich.


- Long Distance Group and Saver Tickets

Eurail Passes, for travel around Europe. Flexible, but not the cheapest option.

Saver Fare, (Sparpreis) typically the cheaper option for 1 or 2 people. Limited number available per train.

Group Fare, cheapest option for groups of 6 or more.


- Regional Tavel

For shorter day trips (1-2hr travel) in Germany, the regional trains are good. Typically cheap for 2 or more people, Regional Saver Fares. Includes S-bahn, RB, RE, and IRE trains. The ICE and IC trains are not included. 


- Bahn Cards

If you are spending more than 100 EUR/person on train tickets traveling around, it might be worth getting a trial (Probe) BahnCard 25 or 50. You get 25% off all your train tickets  for paying 19 Eur for the card. The 50% off card costs 79 EUR. It only applies to the person who buys the card. Two people need two cards, etc. You can buy them online and print off a paper version at home. They need a European address of you want them to send the plastic card. Be sure to cancel the renewal right away (at least 6 weeks before it expires) otherwise they charge you the price for a full year.



Bus (long distance): Check They have taken over most of the bus travel here. You can travel to many other places in Germany, Switzerland and Europe with FlixBus. There is also an IC bus offered by Deutsche Bahn.